Combustion Stove Cooking and Tractor Shed Walls.

Thanks to a friend we have plenty of flue to finish up the chimneys to the combustion stoves. Now we’re cooking with wood.

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2 Years With Quinsgunnado

It’s been 2 years since we purchased our little piece of paradise. Things have moved slower than I had originally planned, but we are getting things done. If you want things done right, you need to put the hard yards in at the start, that’s what we’ve been doing for a while now, things are slowly starting to pay off and every trip out is slightly more comfortable than the last. We now have power, water a toilet and a whiteboard with a long list of jobs. Continue reading

Calling the block home for a while…

On Saturday 24th Feb. We drove to the block with 3 grand children in the back seat and caravan towed behind. About to start a new venture completely off the grid.

Our caravan has all the mod cons. So it’s not extreme. We have solar panels for lights and tv and water pump. Gas for fridge/freezer, cooking and hot water. We also have a small generator for back up. Continue reading