First Weekend on the Block


We’ve had our first night/weekend out as owners of block.

It had originally been planned as a long weekend trip, 4 days 3 nights. Mum, Kelvin, Oscar and us plus any others that decided to tag along.

We arrive mid morning and cut the fence along the railway line, Oscar managed to squeeze his car through with minimal bumping of the fence posts but we decided to lift a fence post out to make things easier for the Patrol, down through the trees and cut the second fence to the cleared area (close to where we plan to one day build our house). Oscar and I came back the following morning and dropped a tree on the path we took between the fences just to give us a bit of extra room.

We set up camp and I decided to have an explore of the bracken managed to track down an olive, fig, blackberry and what I later found out was cotton bush. I also came across a 1.5-2m long snake, jet black, not 100% what it was but he left me alone and I left him alone.

We finally got to meet the old owner as well as the real estate agent on the Friday night and I enjoyed a little bottle of Glenfarclas 21 (scotch) from one of the guys at work and a few more quiet ones. We were asked by a guy that leases a patch of Bruce’s property to put out our fire which we did, the local shire fire bans were extended to the end of March so we were just a few days to early.

During the night we ha a storm come through, Shan and I coped the worst of it I think, our tent ended up with a few puddles in it. Oscar was fairly dry and mum and Kelvin’s mattress was a bit damp. We checked the radar in the morning and a massive front was coming over Saturday and during the night so Shan made the executive decision to call off the camp so we started very slowly packing everything up.

Oscar and I had a bit of a 4wd trip around the property, push a few trees over with the car and in general had a bit of fun. Oscar spent a bit of time pulling dead trees over and I cleared the area around the blackberry patch to try to stop it from taking over to much. Mum and Kelvin cleared all the rotten logs from around the camp site and swept a lot of the weaves and sticks off to the side.

I spent the remainder of the day marking out contour lines to try to plan for the driveway. I ended up marking out 4 lines, the first 2 ended up hitting the northern fence line, the third cut a bit to close to the dam, the final one seems like it will be roughly where the driveway goes. I had wanted to actually start checking it with the water level that I built, but turns out the water level leaks water so the level line is constantly changing. I’ve dragged it back up to Perth so I can seal it back up with a bit of silicone and i’ll try again next time.

In marking the lines I realised how quickly I will go through the bamboo, so I think i’ll need to do another trip to the patch and get a ton more, plus find a better way to stack it into the car to get it out to the block.

We headed back into Bunbury in the afternoon before the rain picked up to much.

It was lucky we didn’t spend the night on the land because a lot of rain ended up coming through.

We did a day trip out with Emma, Matt, Mum Kelvin and the kids on the Sunday, Emma and Matt even managed to get their Elantra in when we levelled out the little berm around the fence line for them.

Now that the storm had passed it was a great sunny day, the dam even had a few inches of water in the bottom. There wasn’t to much productive done on the day trip, just a bit of entertainment when Emma got bitten by an ant and lost her mind tearing her clothes off to get it away from her.

When she calmed down we showed her Nicholas’s legs with 4-5 ant bites on them and him not complaining in the slightest about it.

It’s been pretty much decided that we are going to need to get a caravan for us to sleep in. A leaky tent with winter just beginning doesn’t sound like much fun. We had a look at one on the way home, but it was rusted through and about to fall apart. Shan had a look at other today though and she said it is probably the one.

I’ve still been looking into Tractors, I thought I had found my one also, but someone else beat me to it so I’m back on the lookout again.

I’ve uploaded about half of the photos that I took to the facebook page, I’ll get the rest up some time soon. I’ve taken the advice of Geoff Lawton and taken all the before photos that I think I need then taken 100 more.

A few of my cutting have started to take, at the moment I think it’s just the mulberries, but there are a few others including some figs and roses that look promising, maybe a nectarine also. We’re going to get a few olive barrels (~200L) and I’m going to start working out how long they will last as drip irrigation. it would be great to start getting things transplanted into the areas that we don’t plan on changing to much.

We’re planning our next trip out there for mid to late April so there will probably be an update then. For now it’s just Tractor and Caravan hunting. Plus helping Oscar to move back out to his own place this weekend.

So much to do out there, lucky we have plenty of time.


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