Van on the Land

It was a bit ahead of the plan but on Sunday we decided to take the Caravan out to the block.

It was a very long and slow trip, kept at about 80-90km/h, fast enough that we weren’t holding too much traffic up but slow enough to try to keep things safe. Ended up using a bit over half a tank of fuel compared to about a quarter of a tank that we would normally use.

My lights held up and were still working fine when we arrived.

Getting the van onto the block went reasonably well, I decided to try to fit it through without dropping any more trees, that proved to be a bit of a challenge. I ended up with a pretty good scrap as I was squeezing a hard left then hard right. But with a little ‘no second chances’ reversing managed to fit it out into the clearing. We picked a nice place on the north east corner of the cleared area.

The hope is that it will be far enough away from both the main road and the service road to not attract vandals or thieves. We didn’t have time to take the tyres off or get is perfectly level, so when we’re there next weekend that will be the first job.

The whole block is so much greener than last time we were there. Even up on the hill and where the trees are a bit thicker grass is starting to show through, it’s amazing what a few weeks of good rain can do. The area that we camped in last time is looking luscious and green thanks to Mum and Kelvin raking the whole area. I think they might need to do the same thing for the other 15 ΒΌ acres next.

The dam still has no water in it, but that was expected given that it seems to leak like a sieve. We also noticed a lot of various types of fungus popping up all over the property including one that I very tentatively identified as ‘chicken of the woods.’ But I could be very wrong in the ID, I’m only going on reading things on the internet.

Back at home my winter veggies have started sprouting, it’s always nice to see lines of leaks, spring onions, bok choy ect appearing in the garden. We’re also still dealing with a glut of pumpkins from summer. I’ve almost managed to get all the vines and fruit out of one of the raised beds so that I can finally put my beetroot crop in. That’s probably not going to happen for a couple of weeks now though.

Shan thought a few days ago that the Illawarra Plums had started sprouting, but it was a false alarm, some tomato plants decided to hitch a ride on the chicken pen dirt and have started popping up in the pots. Hopefully in a few more weeks it will be the plums appearing, then a couple of months after that we should be able to transplant them to the block. The hope is that I can get them out there towards the end of winter so they can use the moisture and get established before the summer heat.

I’ve got a new dripper for my olive barrel experiment, it says 2l/h at mains pressure, it had lost probably 10cm out of the top of the barrel when I checked it after 24 hours. The pressure obviously goes down as the water drains, so I’m optimistic that this one might last at least 2 weeks, maybe close to 3 which is my goal for irrigating trees that I’m establishing.

We’ll be heading back out this weekend for mothers day to show some family from Victoria around our new slice of paradise, plus some family from Albany have offered some fruit trees that self seeded/grew from cuttings so we might be getting our first plantings done while we’re there.

This was supposed to be a quick post just to say the van had arrived, but it’s amazing how much we get up to in just a few days.


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