Mothers Day Weekend

I had family flying over for mother’s days weekend so I had a late trip to Bunbury on Friday. Arrived at about 9 o’clock and mum/shan had organised a cabin for us to stay I  so that we didn’t need to get out on the land in the dark.

Sat morning we headed out bright and early with Andrew and Hailey. Ur first and main job was to get the caravan up on blocks and the tyres off so that it couldn’t be just driven away.
Andrew got to try out my quality $96 chainsaw compared to his cheap $1k Stihl one. He decided that it was blunt and didn’t have enough power but it still did the job.

We decided to make the van nice and low so that the step in/out was easy. For that reason we lowered and put stumps in for the door side first. The water level worked a charm and seems to be pretty accurate.
Then we lifted the other side to get the second tyre off.
Turns out that was a bit of a mistake, the extra height pushed the van off the blocks on the lower side. For a second I thought it was going to end up on its side, but thankfully it just dropped to the ground.
After a couple of minutes reassessing the problem we realised the issue was we needed to secure the back then the front.
Another hour later we had it up and more sturdy than ever.
We didnt get it exactly level, but the drop is only about 3cm from the back riggt to the front left, its only noticeable when you put a glass of water on the bench.
The actual water level tgat I built performed great, but it still seems to have a very slow leak.

Next we started cleaning up the general area. A few minutes later mum, Kelvin, Oma and Nicole arrived and we had a nice couple of beers and some sparkling to celebrate. People have posted pics on facebook for us.
Aunty Di, Nev and the kids got a little lost but they made it as well.
Everyone got to have a nice long tour around the block. There are a few pics posted of the kids having fun along the way.

We had to go back into Bunbury again on Sat night for dinner with Shans family but we still made it back out to the block to sleep.
It was a little bit chilly but not as bad as I expected, my biggest complaint is that we were to cold to put Nicholas into his bed so we had 3 of us in the double so it was pretty tight.

We were up before dawn and ready to work. Aunty Di left a few cuttings from her fig trees, I think they were root suckers by the look of them, so I planted then in a few places around the property. I kept 3 to plant in perth just in case the ones on the block don’t take.
We still had 20l drums of water (old cleaning chemical containers) that mum had taken out for us so the figs got a reasonable watering in.

Next we started on the driveway, we got into a good rhythm with Shan finding the level and me clearing a path and marking the line. The water level once again performed great. We got a few hundred metres in and decided we should head back in for mother’s day lunch with my family.

After lunch I drove the interstate people back to Perth,  since we had needed to take 2 cars to Bunbury on the Friday Shan decided to spend an extra day in Bunbury with her family.

Overall it was a really busy weekend, but we got a bit done and it was great waking up out there on Sunday morning.

In other news my olive barrel irrigation is working great. We’re at 1 week 4 days and it’s a little under half full. I also think the Illawarra Plums have sprouted. I originally thought they were Tomatoes from the chook pen dirt, but they are growing in rows and most aren’t putting on adult tomato leaves. As always I’ll keep you posted.

I got a few pics of various areas of the block over the weekend, I just need to get a chance to go through and upload them.


5 thoughts on “Mothers Day Weekend

  1. Nicole May 12, 2016 / 6:22 am

    Id love to say i did more to help but i really didn’t haha. Cant wait for next time 🙂


    • quinsgunnado May 12, 2016 / 7:00 am

      If you pushed over even 1 dead tree then it helped get us a little bit further.


      • Aunty Kay May 12, 2016 / 9:01 am

        Wow – it sounds like a full family wkd. I will get to see it one day…


  2. Aunty Kay May 12, 2016 / 9:26 am

    Sounds like a fun family filled wkd. I will get to see it one day….


    • quinsgunnado May 12, 2016 / 11:08 am

      Looking forward to it. We might have made some more progress by then.


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