City Living

Quick update on the Perth homestead. We had 6 baby rabbits born 11 days ago but are down to 4. 2 were very much runts from day 1. I put 1 down when he was refusing to feed and the other died on one of the cold nights.
The 4 that are left are doing great, they are actually bigger than normal for this young. Looks like all 4 are straight white.
We’ve found white are harder to sell but they all taste the same to me.



I’m breeding the black female again today to see what her kits are like.

I had been holding off brewing so that I could do a beer because I’m almost out after dads visit but never seem to get around to it. I gave in and am going to do a quick sugar wine, hoping that there is some cheap fruit at the spud shed and I’ll put some sort of flavor through it next weekend.


I set up the wishing well that dad built, it has what I’m fairly sure was a nasturtium in it which should look good overflowing in front of the window. It’s got a bit of transplant shock at the moment.


Mum and Kelvin are back out the block trying to clear a path and I got a few pics of some of the trees that went in a couple of weeks ago, everything is looking pretty healthy.





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