Chicken Stock

A warning before I start today that chickens are made of chicken, if you’re not okay with that then you probably shouldn’t keep reading.

I’ve been complaining for a while that we aren’t getting any eggs from our chickens. From 6 chickens we’ve had maybe 3-4 eggs in the last week.
The issue is a combination of the time of year, less sunlight = less eggs. As well as the fact that we have been buying our chickens as ex farm layers. We get them for $5 a bird but they are already about 18 months old.

I think next time we’ll pay the premium for point of lay hens.

Today we decided that we were  tired of paying to feed the old hens and so we made a nice home made chicken stock.

I’m starting to get better at butchering and 6 chickens from running around to in the pot took me about 4 hours. Not record breaking by any means but I seem to be improving.

Scalding for plucking

Quick clean up

above are the first 5 ready for gutting

After I brought them inside I decided that it was easier to skin them that cleaning up the last of the feathers so buddy got a great feed of chicken skin and wings.

Should be enough for a feed for him tomorrow as well.

Our stock is pretty basic with some herbs, carrot, leak, onion with some salt and pepper. Although Nicholas tried to add some extra banana.

Turns what is basicly a waste product into something of value.
We don’t have a pressure canner so we can’t keep the final product in the cupboard so we’ve let it simmer down to as concentrated as we can and frozen it in big meal sized portions, should come in handy for the next few months.

Organic, free range, locally sourced, small batch chicken stock.

The hipsters would love it.


One thought on “Chicken Stock

  1. Nicole July 3, 2016 / 8:46 pm

    “This hipsters would love it” hahah
    Good work kev and shan 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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