Cabin to the block


We (Syl and Kel) love to go out to the block to get away for weekends. So after some negotiations with Kevin and Shan they said it was ok to put a caravan or something like that out there for us to have a weekender.

We start looking on Gumtree and eBay.  Kel found a great buy on Gumtree,  a cabin. It was in Margaret River. $3000. We took a trip down there one Saturday morning and loved it. It is approx 6 metres X 3 metres. After a few days thinking about it we made an offer of $2500. She met us halfway at $2750. Talked to a tilt tray company about transport. They said $500 to get it from Margaret River to Brookhampton (Quinsgunnado). We thought that was reasonable.


Kel and I spent quite a few hour preparing and clearing the track. Steve came out with his chainsaw on a long pole. We cut down all the branches we thought needed coming down.

The transport was all organised for Tuesday the 12th July. 2pm to meet in Donnybrook. Kel and I finished work early so we could meet them there. It was a lovely sunny day. They rang me at 12 and told me the cabin won’t be coming today as the truck is at Worsley and they are waiting for it to be unloaded and the crane had not arrived yet. Was then changed to Thursday 14th. …Cold and wet day. ..They said they will be leaving Margaret River by 1pm with our cabin. Got a call from them about 2.30pm to say they are running late and will call us half an hour before Donnybrook. So we were expecting them around 4.30pm. We decided to go out to the block earlier and check out the track we had cleared the previous weekend. On the way out there at 3pm my phone had no service for some reason. Turned it on and off . Took the battery out. Still no service. So at 4.30 we made sure we were in Donnybrook waiting for the truck with our cabin to arrive. By 4.50 still no phone working and raining, we found a phone box to ring the truck driver. He was relieved to here from us as he had been waiting on the other side of town for 40 minutes. We found him. 20160714_172834We looked at the cabin on top of the truck and thought, I don’t know if this is going to fit down the track that we have cleared. He followed us through town and into Brookhampton. We turned onto the track stopped and talked to the driver. We said it looks too high to fit. We told him we had cleared the trees to fit 4.5 metres. He said that was the height of his load, it should fit. He got about 200 metres in and started hitting trees. We were in front and it wasn’t looking good. After about 10 minutes of negotiating trees we decided it wasn’t going to get through. Kel helped guide the truck backwards to the start of the track. I drove passed them to see if we could leave it with the neighbours. No one was home so we told the driver to just put it here on the side of the track. It was now 5.35pm and my phone started going off with missed calls and messages. Getting dark so we had no choice. The cabin was unloaded. Luckily it is on wheels. We went home to Bunbury disappointed that it wasn’t on the block.

We told our friends Steve and Pop what had happened. They offered to help us tow it in when Kel finished work on Friday.


On Friday morning Steve and Pop decided to go out there to check it out and pump up the tyres of the cabin and connect the drawbar. They came back and we waited for Kel to finish work.20160715_171419

Kel came home at 4.15pm and we all headed out there. We hooked up the Xtrail to the cabin and off we went. Was all going well until we starting hitting branches on the sides of the cabin. Got through that area. It was raining and we had a fair bit of it too. The track was wet and we went through a big puddle and came to a stand still. Why aren’t we moving we thought. I jumped out of the car and the cabin was on a lean. I said to the guys I can’t see the wheel. We thought we we bogged. Then we thought we broke  the axle. Then looked under from the front and could just see the wheel on an angle. We then looked into the glass sliding door of the cabin and seen the floor broken. I opened the door and went in and couldn’t believe that I could see the wheel. I grabbed it and passed it to the guys. They looked at it and realised the wheel nuts had come off. Good news really. Could have been worse. They jacked up the cabin. They only found 1 wheel nut.

20160715_16593820160715_17115720160715_16592420160716_10292420160716_10293120160715_170739Was getting dark so had to leave the cabin on the track for the night.we were about 800 metres in. 700 to go. Luckily we could get out going through the block and around the other way.

It rained all night. The boys arranged to go out at 8am and it was pouring down. I couldn’t go as I had to work. They got to the block and went through Kev’s drive and down to ours and back onto the track heading back towards the cabin. Then come to a stop right on Kev and Shans boundary. A big tree across the road. Took them nearly an hour to clear it off the road. Luckily they took a chainsaw with them. At least the rain had eased up now. They got to the cabin and jacked it up and put the wheel back on. They made their way to the block and clearing more trees as they went.

20160716_115050Yes it was there at last. Those 3 were so happy. Thanks Steve and Pop for all your help. It is Pop’s 65th birthday today. I am happy too now. Just have to work out how to get photo’s  on here.



2 thoughts on “Cabin to the block

  1. nicole July 20, 2016 / 2:49 am

    So happy for you both aswell, wish i could have been there to help to. Cant wait to see it in August. Happy “camping” haha xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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