A Years worth of Beetroot

Short and sweet entry for today.

We harvested our bed of beetroot for pickling.

Last year we harvested enough to last the year (we have 1 jar left) and this year they seemed to be growing better than ever.

A lady on Facebook had mentioned that she was looking for some fresh beetroot. I traded a kg or so plus some nectarines (we have tons of them at the moment) for a mulberry tree that she had.

The mulberry is a bit over a meter tall. I already have a fair few mulberries but I like to support trade economies when I can.

I spent most of the morning turning the fresh beets into 8 1/2 jars of sliced beets and 2 jars of baby beets. Last year we used about 1 jar/month but this year they were in bigger jars so I’m quietly confident that we will have enough.

In case anyone is crazy enough to copy the things  i do, I used the recipe below and processed for 10min in a hot water bath.



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