Pressure Canning Rabbit Stew

A couple of weeks ago our canner was delivered and we have finally had time to do our first batch of canning with it.

Our canner is a presto 21l, it as well as a lot of jars were on special for Christmas so we ended up with it, 1 dozen half pint, 2 dozen pint and 6 quart jars for $230 with free delivery, not a bad start to our pressure canning journey.
Our first canning run was rabbit stew with 3 of our home grown NZ White rabbits.

We did the stew in 2 batches, the first for pints and the second for quarts. It was a battle with Nic to save the meat for the jars so we gave him a few bones to chew on while we worked.

We used a recipe for a chicken soup but I was told by quite a few people that it was fine to swap out the chicken for rabbit. We used some of the chicken stock that we made a few months back and added a couple of extra vegies to give it a bit more flavour.

All in all it was a pretty painless experience and we’re excited to finally be able to put some low acid foods in the pantry rather than taking up precious freezer space.

The final result was 7 pints and 4 quarts of stew as well as 2 quarts of stock that we can use next time.

Hopefully over the next few months we will do a bit more with fruit and vegies as things hit their peak season and we get them cheap.


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