A Few Days Canning

With Shanelle due in the next few weeks we’re trying to put as many easy meals away as possible, with that in mind we’ve spent the last few days preserving whats in the garden for later as well as freezing some meals.

In all we’ve ended up with 3 half pints of Rhubarb for apple pies, a lasagna in the freeze and one for dinner tonight as well as 5 pints of Potato and Leek Soup.

The Rhubarb was fresh harvested from from the garden, this is the first year that we’re using more than a couple of stalks. But we harvested a fair bit this time around.

The variety that we have doesn’t turn red so we added a bit of food colouring just to make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing.


We used the below recipe from their free printable book.


Next up Shan did her Lasagna’s, I didn’t get any pics or details but it’s her standard recipe i’m pretty sure.

Today I went out and harvested our leeks, they aren’t as thick as store brought but they do the job. They were grown from seeds that I saved last year which feels pretty good. I’ve got a few seed stalks drying so I should get a few seeds for next year as well.

The soup was ridiculously easy, especially because we still have our own chicken stock frozen from a few months back.

We’ll just need to add some cream and heat when we want a feed. We were going to do this batch in quarts, but turns out all our quart jars are still full of rabbit stew =p With all the food that we’re putting away I think we’re going to need more jars very soon, I originally didn’t think we’d use the quart jars very often, but I think they will be more handy than expected

Our Potato and Leek soup recipe was from;


Pretty productive couple of days managing to put away 6-7 good meals and the rhubarb for deserts, a good chunk of it was from our own backyard as well which is a huge bonus.



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