About Us

Who Are Wewp-image-736299477.jpg
We are a family run permaculture based homestead.
We are sharing our projects and experiences to inspire other people to become more independent, self sufficient and to regenerate our small patch of land.
We also have a facebook group where we share and discuss everything self sufficiency, homesteading and permaculture related.

I started my career with a triple major in various accounting and business related fields from UWA. I worked as a company auditor and completed my CA qualification. It was always something I felt I needed to do, but even growing up my mum said I would be the barefoot accountant. I’m now in the private sector as an accountant for a power generation company so I can spend more time at home with my family and out building our property.
I am learning as much as I can about permaculture and plant propagation so that I can hopefully turn our future homestead into my career. I received my PDC from Geoff Lawton in 2017


I left school and started a job as a pharmacy assistant but after a few years decided to become an Education assistant where I quickly moved into the Special needs Sector. Now I am a stay at home mum with Nic and Harry, who keep me on my toes. My main job is making sure the house doesn’t get overrun with too many of Kevin’s projects and grand plans. I look forward to watching our dreams come true and building a better life, house and future for our children.

 Our Kids
Nicholas is our oldest and desperate to help with everything he can. From stacking wood to carting water and fuel drums. he’ll give anything a go. He loves to play with on the tractor and collecting rocks.
Harrison is out youngest and is in a constant race to keep up with his brother. He can’t really help with many of the jobs yet, but that hasn’t stopped him from trying which has resulted in more than his fair share of accidents, but that doesn’t even slow him down.

Our kids are one of the main drivers to move to our new life. We want them to understand where their food and energy come from and to grow up with an open view of the world and the ability to do things for themselves rather than just ringing the guy who specialises in it.
We don’t want them to think that egg’s, mince meat, bread or wood come from the shops.
We want them to have the skills to look after each other and those around them.

The Buddy DogBuddy

Buddy is our mascot, family pet and night watchman. We don’t know what breed he is but he likely includes Australian Sheppard and Blue Heeler.

He has an agreement with Nic and Harry to always share food and to help them both to reach places that they couldn’t alone.