The Farm

We have some great views and tons of work to do. We’re slowly pulling things together and every visit gets a bit more done. The below is a bit of a summary from now going back in time to show what we’ve been working on.

Our current plan can be seen below.

Our Progress so far;

  • We have a composting toilet, it’s basically a bucket in a shed, but it’s luxury compared to digging a hole.
  • An entry point on the southern side about 80m further east than the planned entry.
  • The dam in the north-eastern corner has been dug but currently doesn’t hold water.
  • Our caravan is a little northeast of the planned position of the house, my biggest job at the moment is adding an annex/veranda.
  • We’ve marked out and dropped the trees along the driveway line, but the stumps still need to be removed to make it drivable.
  • Mum and Kelvin have added their cabin a few hundred meters west of the planned house.

High Level