We don’t even have our block yet but I figure getting something started is better than just waiting.

Last weekend we checked out 2 new blocks and went back to our front runner in Brookhampton. It’s tricky to balance price, soil, slope, access and services.

Hopfully ourconsiderations below will help others weigh up the things to look out for when they are looking for their own place.

New Block 1

Had a reasonably well flowing seasonal creek, however it also had a lot of steep slopes (Shanelle couldn’t get up and down while holding the baby) and it looked like sheet rock not far below the surface. Running water would look great, but if it’s to steep and rocky to grow then it won’t suit what we’re hoping to achieve.

New Block 2

Had a very well established natural looking dam with blackberries around it and an overstory covering about 90% of the water which meant despite being the middle of summer there was still plenty of water. There was also active signs of rabbits and kangaroos. The remainder of the property however was cleared and nothing had been done to maintain the soil. There were clear errosion lines over the majority of the acres. It was also baked in the sun and would be a fair bit of work to establish perenial pasture and fruit trees without providing shade and a lot of irrigation.

The Favorite

This was about the forth visit to Brookhampton

The Land:

-15.5 acres.

-Main road on the eastern boundary, very rough service road running on the Southwestern boundary which is still usable as a secondary road in and out to both the north and south.

-On the other side of the service road is a unused (I think) railway line which is elevated approx 5 meters

-North eastern corner of the block has a dam that barely holds any water in the winter and dries up within a couple of weeks after major rain.

-High point is near the south eastern side, slope is approx 5m drop every 20-30m. The southern part of the eastern side is quite steep and probably not suitable for livestock or intensive food forestry.

-Semi cleared area on the central north is approx 2.5 acres.

-Soil is fairly loamy with some clay, mainly in the lower sections (but obviously not enough to hold water without proper work otherwise the attempted dam would be holding more water but there are a lot of dams in the area).

-There is recent activity from Kangaroos and Rabbits including a warren to the west of the clearing.

-There are indications of a high water table and some errosion from surface water to the west of the clearing about half way to the western boundary but no surface water has been seen on visits to the property.

This is very likely going to be our future homestead, the askingprice is still a bit more than we have, but i’m hoping to arrange a better financing option some time this week. At the same time Shan is hoping to suss out how low the owners will go.

It’s still going to be a while before we get out there but i’m building up my plant propegation skills every day and saving tons of seed to start throwing around as soon as we can.