Composting Toilet Step 2

We’ve been using our composting toilet at the block for over a year now. We’ve finally built up enough poo to need to do something with it.

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2 Years With Quinsgunnado

It’s been 2 years since we purchased our little piece of paradise. Things have moved slower than I had originally planned, but we are getting things done. If you want things done right, you need to put the hard yards in at the start, that’s what we’ve been doing for a while now, things are slowly starting to pay off and every trip out is slightly more comfortable than the last. We now have power, water a toilet and a whiteboard with a long list of jobs. Continue reading

Christmas 2017

I didn’t get as much time out there this year as last, but I still had 2 nights to get a few jobs done.

As friends and family already know, I’m starting a new job in about 3 weeks time, we’re moving from Perth to Collie, we will be about 90min closer to the block, so I’ll hopefully get more time out there. It also means that I need to curb back a few of my hobbies, our neighbour got our chickens (so that we can still get free fresh eggs until we leave) and someone should be picking up my breeding pair of rabbits in the next week or 2.

In preparation for moving I loaded up the trailer with as much as I could, I also finally got up the effort to add the tool box to the front which gave me even more storage space, everything I could think of that I don’t need at home and that could be handy at the block. A fair bit of wire, wood, Jerry cans, concrete, render, blinds as well as a tonne of recently collected sheets of tin.

We had Christmas at home and then with family in Bunbury, on the way past Mandurah I swang in and grabbed a Christmas present for myself (semi block related) a compound bow, rangefinder, kukri and a few other hunting toys. Continue reading

Broken clutch, stumps and starting the deck

Thanks to a quickly arranged meeting in Collie on Monday we decided to double up and have a second weekend in a row down the block.

My main goal for the weekend was to get a few stumps out along the driveway, I spent a good 5 hours on Saturday morning with the mattock, shovel, chainsaw, sledgehammer and tractor. All for a grand total of 1.5 stumps removed. Continue reading