Olives and 3 tries at Mint Sauce

Over the past few weeks we’ve been curing Olives, we also had a go at making mint sauce, then another go, then another go. If at first you don’t succeed.

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Easter Weekend

It was a busy time leading up to Easter. I managed to find a 25 year old lemon tree that needed a new home.

We got a lot of cheap apples, pears and lemons (from the tree) so we did a lot of canning apple pie filling, apple sauce, apple and pear pie filling and lemon butter as well as both lemon and lime juice. I did n’t actually get a chance to get a pick of all the food together, but there was a lot, we actually had to buy more jars.

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Nectarine Puree

This year was our biggest harvest ever of nectarines, I followed the advice of one of the people on our Facebook page and turned most of our nectarine surplus into nectarine puree for yogurt and ice-cream. We might also see how some of it goes to make fruit leathers when we get hold of a dehydrator. We started with an overflowing bucket, but by the time we fed the neighbors and my work it was about half a bucket. Continue reading